Mikaela's Closet

We all have our beginnings.  

My personal journey, like many others, began in mainstream department stores perusing displays for clothing that would make me feel like me.  I searched the racks filled with quiet anxiety at the thought of being "caught" by someone who recognized me, or worse yet a family member.

These secret missions towards self expression taught me the importance of anonymity and comfort, while trying to build the wardrobe that best matches our perceived gender.  Many obstacles can prohibit us from achieving such a basic, yet important and affirming goal.  

How you can help...

Mikaela's Closet is currently accepting clothing and accessory donations. 

This important project is well underway with donations currently on hand, ready to process, and place in inventory, in order to assist those wishing to begin with building their gender affirming collection.

For additional information or to make a donation, please contact:  


Or use our Mikaela's Closet contact form below.

Thank you for supporting members of the trans community with your donations.  For those continuing on your journey, know yourself, be confident in who you are, never waiver, and never apologize for being true to you!

Love and endless support,

Mikaela Gavaletz

Founder and Executive Chair

Youth, Empowerment, & Support Schuylkill

Do you need gender affirming clothing options?

Contact MikaelaGavaletz@youthempowermentsupport.org