A Community in Need

It was a historic moment in 1978, when gay rights activist Harvey Milk addressed hundreds of thousands of members of the LGBTQIA+ community, with what was later labeled his "Hope Speech".

Harvey urged those in attendance to "break the silence" and come out to anyone possible.  His words rippled through the crowd, and the community at large did just that.  We came out.  First with friends and family, changing hearts to change minds.  We came out to society, and began demanding full and equal rights.  We came out on Television, in movies, and in music.

Some 40 years later, when our founder Mikaela returned to Schuylkill County, she was shocked to find us mostly untouched by Harvey's words.  Mikaela began the harrowing process of coming out for us, and put together the first ever Pride celebration in the county.  Amid Covid-19 restrictions and political backlash we saw her vision come together, and united as a community.

Y.E.S. was formed shortly after, and Mikaela's energy rippled through the county.  It is our mission to help the residents of Pennsylvania in their journey towards self expression and acceptance.  Not only that, but Y.E.S. seeks to bring visibility and awareness to the LGBTQIA+ community, for a brighter future for our youth.